Clearspring Powers Akamai StreamOS


A couple folks caught wind of the fact that Clearspring is working with Akamai. So I figured it might be a good time to shed some light on this bad boy…

In case you missed it, Akamai is getting into widgets in a big way with their StreamOS product. StreamOS is a rich media content management system. As you can imagine, many of their customers want to syndicate that content via widgets. According to CNET:

“People can make widgets with changing video to use with their desktop or MySpace page, as long as the content provider allows it in its distribution rules.

‘I think everyone realizes that not everyone will come to them, to their site. Viral distribution is not something that is going away,’ said Suzanne Johnson, senior product marketing manager at Akamai.

So how does Clearspring fit in? Duh. StreamOS widgets are powered by Clearspring. This is the first of a couple major partnerships that we will disclose over the next couple weeks. Stay tuned. :)

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Big Media vs. Brightcove


Big media has stepped up the online video game with NBCU and Fox announcing a new joint-venture to counter YouTube. Peter Chernin of Fox claims that, “At launch, this will be the largest advertising platform on Earth.”

Mike Hirshland thinks that this is a good thing. And, of course Mike Arrington has had a field day with this one – posting about the rumor, notes from the analyst briefing, and even the name of the venture. Apparently folks at Google call it “Clown-Co.” Now that’s not nice. What happened to do no evil, guys?

This announcement has clearly got folks talking about the face-off between Google and Big Media. However, there has not been too much discussion about how this new venture will impact that other online video player – Brightcove. A while back, I wrote a post entitled, “Brightcove vs. Everyone.” In this post, I outlined how it seemed like Brightcove was competing with everyone in the online video space.

Even with their whopping $59.5M in venture backing, this still seemed like quite a bit to chew on. Now that the media folks have made it clear that they intend to use their own platforms and the public uses YouTube, where does that leave Allaire and Co.? Any online video experts out there care to share?

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March (Widget) Madness at CBS!

It looks like it is about that time of year. March Madness is upon us. And, like all widget-dorks, we just had to have a widget to keep track of the tournament.

So, Clearspring teamed up with our friends at College Sports Television (a CBS company) to get it done. You can get it here (see below) by clicking the (you guessed it) “Grab it” button. You can also check it out alongside it’s friendly desktop cousin at the CSTV website.

Expect a lot more coming from CBS soon…

p.s. Ming, I hope you enjoy this one! I know you posted on it a while back…

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Do-it-Yourself Web!

Enterprise Web 2.0 guru, Dion Hinchliffe has an awesome post describing the “do it yourself phenomenon” with widgets.

Here is a snippet (no pun intended) from his article was particularly interesting:

If you’re still playing the old single Web site game, aren’t using syndication strategically, and haven’t leveraged the entire Web as a platform for your content and services, changes are that you’re at a significant competitive disadvantage. Even the page views/advertising issues aren’t as big as expected. Widgets actually don’t take away from business models based on advertising, and in fact, can complement advertising viewership significantly.

It seems that Dion has officially hopped on the widget train. Later, dorks.

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