Thumb Pay

From Square to Google Wallet, the race is on to remove your wallet from the payment equation. I’m excited for this future, but am already eagerly awaiting the next natural step in payments – biometric payment networks.

I’d love it if retailers had a hardware/software platform that leveraged some combination of biometric data – such as a finger print coupled with an image of my face – to enable me to purchase goods and services. For concerned citizens that want additional security, you could even have an optional password to provide some extra peace of mind.

Imagine not having to worry about carrying credit cards, phones, etc. The world would be at your finger tips – literally. There are some places where this concept is being tested, but we’re a long way from this become commonplace.

The same technology could be applied to other areas, enabling you to access a number of other authenticated services beyond payments. You could access web services that manage your photos, videos, documents, and more from any device, in any location.

Inevitably, the world would need to become comfortable with the idea of accessing a cloud-based identity platform using their biometric data. Privacy and security are clearly concerns that need to be addressed, but it is possible.

Using a device to pay is cool, but using nothing is cooler.


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