Looking Back – You’ve Got Mail

Like many people, I’ve been spending time reflecting on the past year as I set my goals for 2012.  Also like most people, I’m working with the television in the background. Right now, I’m watching ‘You Got Mail.’   Yes I like romantic comedies.  Laugh it up.   As it happens, this movie is strangely appropriate given the reflective exercise that I’m now undertaking.

For the uninitiated, the premise of the movie is how two people meet and fall in love online via AOL , while – in the real world – they battle it out professionally.  The male lead played by Tom Hanks operates a massive chain of book super stores (think Borders).   Whereas the female lead played by Meg Ryan is the proprietor of a small shop that is threatened by the expansion of the super store.

The film was released in 1998.   It’s funny to observe just how much has changed since then.  AOL is no longer the center of the online universe.  The book superstore model that was then at its peak is now bankrupt.   Couple that with the fact that this was one of the last classic Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan romantic comedies to be released and I officially feel old.

Even though the world has changed, much remains the same.  We all want to connect and share our lives with people – we just do it via Facebook, Twitter and cell phones.  We all want to learn and be entertained via books, we just happen to buy them via e-readers.   And – perhaps most importantly – we all still want to be happy.

So as you reflect on how much has changed and your life on the go-forward, don’t forget to pay attention to all the simple things that make life great.

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