What Quora Question Drove 15K Views in under a week?

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I have been blown away by the tremendous response from a question that I posted on Quora over the last several days.  Since posting mid-last week, the question was viewed nearly 15K times and was answered by 33 different people.  The most highly voted-up answer,  by Robert Scoble, was voted up 169 times.

So what was the question?  “What should Larry Page focus on now that he is CEO of Google?” My conclusion is that that the best way to drum up question views on Quora is to quickly fast-follow breaking and highly-viewed news stories with questions.   I did not measure the change in my follower count, but anecdotally, I have noticed that my follower count has grown as a result of ‘thanking’ followers. “Thanking” is a Quora function that enables you to send messages directly to people that answer your question.

I have reposted Robert Scoble’s answer below.  For more responses, check it out on Quora:

1. Make Android a real usability leader, not just a marketshare leader. I’ve been using Android a lot lately, and it simply isn’t as nice as iPhone or, even, Windows Phone 7, in usability. Heck, even Palm/HP is nicer to use, although they suck for sticking their great OS in such a crappy piece of hardware with a small screen.

2. Get onto the playing field in social. I already have more followers on Quora than I have on Google Buzz. That’s pathetic.

3. Fix search relevancy. Quite a few CEOs that’s visited me lately have shown me places where spammers and intermediaries have totally taken over search result pages. Don’t give people a reason to complain and wonder why Google’s main business is rotting.

4. Make Google TV something that we HAVE to own. How? Well, if it let me watch YouTube Live that would be one small start (I wanted to watch Farm Aid, which looked freaking awesome on my Mac, but none of my devices hooked up to my TV could play it). Make a deal with Netflix and the movie industry to have first-run movies on it, while other devices get only the lame old stuff.

5. Acquire enterprise collaboration companies like Box.net, SocialCast, Jive, Get Satisfaction, Spigit, etc (I have a long list, they should have a good strategy to acquire interesting companies and put them into a new enterprise offering). Box.net has five million customers and are doubling every year or so. This stuff is important.

6. Find a reason for Chrome OS to exist or kill it. Of course, after talking to Zoho’s CEO about the pre-production Google Chrome Notebook (you can see his reactions here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K… ) maybe the goal should simply be to ship it.

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