Announcing Clearspring Audience Platform!

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Clearspring has always focused on creating technologies that connect publishers and advertisers to users of the social web. We reach over one billion users monthly via AddThis, the largest sharing platform in the world.

With AddThis, we have built not only a tremendous reach, but also a highly scalable real-time data processing engine. This engine processes terabytes of data daily, and can be leveraged to expose a broad range of real-time insights about how people engage with and share content online.

As we’ve worked with advertisers to deliver performance-based social media campaigns, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in the display advertising business. Agencies have moved towards leveraging advertising exchanges to purchase inventory.

The key to success for media buyers in this new environment is the ability to find the right audience in real-time. Publishers have also experienced this “audience revolution” and have asked for additional insight into their user base. These changes have positioned Clearspring to leverage our reach and processing power to deliver something special – the Clearspring Audience Platform.

For Advertisers, this new platform enables them to reach 200MM US users monthly via top demand-side platforms. We create and deliver custom audiences from the largest influence and intent-based segments, improving the performance of display and video ad campaigns in real time.

For Publishers, our new Audience Platform will soon enable them to understand user interests based on sharing activity across the Web. This valuable insight will allow them to create better experiences for their sites and command higher CPMs from advertisers. AOL, one of our largest publishers, is partnering with us in this capacity.

Thank you to all of our partners for helping us get here.  And congrats to the whole @clearspring team.

Let us know what you think. There’s a lot more to do, but now that this capability is out – we can have some real fun.

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  • Congratulations, Hooman and the @clearspring team!


  • Thanks, Frank. We are excited to have finally let the cat out of the bag. Excited to be working with great partners like you.


    Very well-deserved congratulations! Especially with the roll-out of the Clearsping Audience Platform. Enjoy reading your blog!
    Alan Partain
    InScope International

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