5 Must-Have Features for Buzz

DISCLAIMER: I am on a plane and am officially groggy blogging.

Ok, so I have been using (strong word) Google Buzz and I – like all geeks – have compiled my wish-list of features.  So let it be written, so let it be done.


  1. Better summary of recent posts – it’s difficult to quickly skim and see if something’s interesting…this narrows the funnel for time spent
  2. Better real-time view – it’s tough to see when people buzz if they are responding to someone’s post…lame
  3. Add Filters – I love my facebook filters…google should be best-in-class at this type of contextual feature
  4. Enable syndication – I want my buzz posts to go to twitter/facebook…one client to rule them all!
  5. Make it easier to follow/unfollow – it’s still kind of clunky to follow, or unfollow people…this makes hulk angry


  1. Profile snapshot on mouseover – Awesome LinkedIn Feature
  2. Viral invite feature – use FB connect…it’s 2010!
  3. Better search results – see (1) from above
  4. Buzz badges – My recent updates, my followers, follow me…see FriendFeed
  5. Speed up – It’s way to slow and feels clunky versus facebook
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