Tweetmeme takes flight

So I have been using Tweetmeme for a while now.  Got curious today and checked out how they were doing from a traffic perspective and was amazed by the results.  In less than a year, they have grown to over 15MM unique users.  More stunning perhaps, is that they are catching up to the current leader in the category Digg.   At this rate, they could potentially be bigger than Digg within a year.

Now, as much as it is interesting that they are closing the gap with Digg, the more interesting thing is how this demonstrates the power of social recommendations.  Tweetmeme has no original content.  Moreover, it has no messaging infrastructure.  It repurposes contextualized content from Twitter and users can reshare information using Twitter.  In short, it is an amplifer for Twitter.  That being said, it is an inventory-creation machine.

Not sure how many guys that team is, but I have to believe that they are already profitable by just selling limited advertisements.  Congrats to that team – incredible results.

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  • nick gonzalez

    The one caveat that I'd add is that TweetMeme gets traffic to its servers through embedded buttons, so the stats reflect not just direct hits to the site, but also all calls to their servers from buttons embedded around the web. Thats why Ad networks have site that aren't often visted, but tremendous reach, since they deliver content across thousands of websites.

  • Ah. Definitely a good point. The same thing happens for us at AddThis. A huge part of our traffic is off-domain. That being said, it is counted incorrectly by compete, etc.