1 Post. 30 minutes. 40 clicks.

Many people talk about how Social Media platforms are great ways to promote and distribute content.   In particular, there has been a lot of buzz around tapping social newsfeeds, or streams.

Today, I ran a simple test using bit.ly to test the power of peer recommendations in the stream and found that after 30 minutes of posting this link (http://bit.ly/16kDe7) I generated 40 clicks to a site I recommended.

Here was the set up:

1. I found a quote my dad told me the other night

2. I created a bit.ly link for it so I could track clicks, and posted it to Twitter

3. My Twitter is hooked into Friendfeed and Facebook

4. I waited 30 minutes to see how many clicks the link would get.

The results were astounding.  I posted the link around 11:45AM EST.  And by 12:15PM, I had approximately 40 clicks on the link.  That’s more than 1 click generated/second.

I have roughly 773 followers on Twitter and 1191 friends on Facebook.  And via the stream, roughly 40 people saw this single post and clicked.    Let’s assume that there is no overlap between my Twitter and Facebook friends – that gives us a total of 1964.   Let’s also assume 10% of the total audience even saw the link – roughly 196 people.

That means that 40/196 of these friends, or 20%, clicked on the link I promoted. To put that in context, that’s 100X higher than the standard click-through rate for a normal display advertisement.

Now, I would imagine email has a similar initial result.  But I doubt that it has the staying power of a link spread through a network with feeds.  Regardless, if the power of referrals can be tapped in a scalable manner by social marketers, it is going to be massive.

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  • Andy M

    HR –

    impressive data, and surely relevant.

    however, does it translate to some kind of "long tail" data validation/metric that marketers can associate with advertsing in social media, using YOUR social data?

    my fear is we are looking at outdated metrics (and methods) of success….so while your click may NOT have generated a "conversion for a marketer" – it may be worth 30% of a conversion by capturing that information (simiar to building a email list 10 years ago) — and leveraging that data to make better MEDIA decisions.

    not sure if I'm making sense in the context of the awesome data points you published — but thought I'd chime in.

    Good post, thanks for sharing.


  • Andy, I definitely like where you are going with this. It's a tough game. I always feel like marketing and advertising is judging itself by old standards because, by the time they get caught up and standardize, the world has turned. It's a tough job!

  • Definitely interesting data.

    However, "That’s more than 1 click generated/second." Isn't this more than 1 click per *minute* not *second*?

    — Sean