Quick Case: Social Media Amplifies the Oscars

Being a social media geek, as I watched one of the biggest live media events on television – the Oscars – all I could think of was how the event rippled through the Internet:

– I went to the oscars.com link promoted on the live television broadcastv

– I posted the video player powered by Clearspring to my facebook profile

– As I watched the event, I read post comments on Twitter and Facebook Livefeed

– When Ben Stiller imitated Joaquin Phoenix, my brother looked up the Dave Letterman Interview where he boinked on YouTube.

– We watched Dave during commercials and looked up actors and movies on IMDB

– My friend texted me about the oscars which, in turn, prompted me to write a blog post

– And now, I am writing that very blog post which will in term be posted back to my twitter and FB feeds…

When the Social Media wave started a couple years ago, traditional media providers wondered if their content would become moot in this new world. Nothing could be further from the truth. Social Media amplifies not only the distribution of popular content, but also the velocity of that distribution.

‘Nuff said.

hoomanradfar Written by:

  • I had nearly the same experience watching the Oscars, and the US Presidential election… the world has changed. Social media is going to change it even more in the next year. Good post!

  • I definitely agree. All media will go social soon. Social media is dead. Long live social media.