The Media is Dying (on twitter)

Did I scare you? Let me explain…

Last week, I had a great time hanging out with Biz, Battelle, Shellen, at the Unilever All-a-Twitter conference arranged by Silva. During the conference, Biz gave a great talk on real stories about his company, Twitter. The theme of his talk was how Twitter has enabled the dynamic creation of real-time communities.

One such community that has emerged that is near and dear to my heart is themediaisdying. This community emerged over the last two weeks and has rapidly gained over 7k followers! The goal of this feed is to update people on changes in major media companies such as layoffs, bankruptcies, etc.

This feed is a great example of what Biz was talking about and is also pretty useful. if you are in the online/media biz (no pun intended), I would check it out. If you have some time to kill check out this old post I wrote on the changing landscape 2 years ago. Seems like I was not too far off.

Later fan-boys.

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  • If you're interested in the whole notion of how communities are getting quickly built using Twitter. You may be interested in the book my friend Shel Israel is writing, Twitterville:

  • Thx, J. Will check it.

  • peggy

    This is just part of your grand scheme to get people to twitter more. now i've signed up for TheMediaisDying

  • Rocky

    Damn. After reading your prediction from two years ago I can confirm that you really are about 100x smarter than I am. This sucks.

    Old people– me included– are usually about two to three years behind all of these events. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  • Thanks for the kind words Rocky. Hope all is well. Happy holidays.

  • foO

    i just love the photo 😉

  • Thx!