Who the fu@# are you? – The next big feature on social networks.

Was speaking with Brian Morrissey from AdWeek today and one of the organizers of the PMA event, Rob.

Rob was talking about how he gets requests from LinkedIn that simply ask him to be ‘connections.’ This was frustrating to him because, often, he has no context for the request. Why do you want to connect? Do I know you? Should I be afraid that you are a spammer, or fake marketer-bot-thingy?
LinkedIn provides a feature to enable the sender to personalize the message. But unfortunately, that feature does not always get used. So what we conceived was a simple feature to get all those anonymous requesters back. A feature to let us all let those fine people know how we really feel sometimes.

That feature my friends is the ‘Who the fu@# are you?’ button.

This powerful tool would allow us to send a simple message to those anonymous requesters asking them why they wish to connect in a simple and concise way. With this simple button, I could point-and-click my troubles away – maybe attaching a catchy jingle, or graphic too. I would love this not only on LinkedIn, but also FB. What do you think? I think the idea has merit. Any VCs interested?

For all you people that read this far – I hope you realize that I am kidding. Well, half kidding. Need to have fun sometimes. 🙂

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  • DinkerP2

    Excellent article! Fabulous idea! I think it has tons of merit! And yes, the new button needs to added to FB as well as MyS! Drives me nuts! Who are those people?

  • Thanks Dinker. Appreciate the love for the post.

  • Hoo boy, this is a WONDERFUL idea. Already I'm defeating the purpose of being on Facebook by using a fake name AND being unsearchable, for the simple fact that I want to avoid annoying high school people who never even knew I existed and suddenly want to add me as a "friend". Screw you all, hippies! Who the *(!@$ are you, indeed!

  • MD

    Great post – I'm getting bombarded suddenly on Facebook from people 10-20 years back. You'd think they would send at least a couple sentences about their lives given they're coming out of the blue like this. I'm beginning to wonder if the teenage thing of trying to accumulate and show off friends for social status (as opposed to really wanting to connect) is now happening to people in their 30s and 40s. Totally understand for teenagers. For 30s and 40s, all I can say is pretty sad if that's the case. Losers! 🙂

  • WidgetGuy

    Ha! I love it. Same prob as MD when grade school peeps hit me up on FB. They're now married…changed names…how about a little sumpin'-sumpin' of an intro after all these years? WTFAY button to the rescue!

  • Wow, I am actually surprised at how many people care about this! All joking aside, it is telling…