The Grand Facebook Experiment

In the tradition of the Grand Twitter Experiment, I thought I would try another social media channel for a week and blog the findings of my experiments to my massive audience (me).

In this episode, I will be trying Facebook Fanpages. Here is my new fan page. If anyone has pictures with me, or whatever, hit me up. It is pretty bare bones. This is clearly a different channel than Twitter from a media perspective, but given the attention around using Facebook as a marketing platform, I thought why the hell not – right?

The cool part about Facebook Fanpages is that they come with the ‘Insights Tool.’ I am particularly psyched about using this, but I will not be able to access stats for 48 hours. Moreover my assessment of the stats capabilities will not be too interesting if I my shiny new page does not get some data.

So help me out.  Become a fan.  It takes 2 seconds.

I will check back in a week (9/12) from today (9/19) and give you a low down on the experience. Thanks in advance for your help.

p.s. My twitter followers have increased 950% since the inception of the Grand Twitter Experiment. To tune in to my live rantings and ravings, click here.

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