Riding the Chrome

Yesterday I posted about the release of Chrome and asked if we were entering another Browser War. Well, it may not be a war just yet. One thing is for sure though, Chrome ain’t no joke. In fact, I am using it right now.

I took Chrome for a spin today and have to say, it is slick as hell. It is simple, fast as anything, and absolutely streamlined for power-users that leverage multiple tabs. Christ, each tab runs in its own process! Although it was geekd, had a couple o’ gripes:

– I fell in love with the speed, but it crashed 3 times.
– Not a big fan of the fact that it is a closed platform. Extensions are a must.
– Expected a bit more OOMF in terms of innovation
– Bookmarking blows and is very Web 1.0

Overall, the release got a solid B in my book. It was not perfect, did not blow me away, but it was freaking solid. If they can get it not to crash (minimum), however, I will use it over Firefox. I love extensions, but for my usage patterns, I can tolerate it. Definitely think the original Evil Empire should watch out – Google is coming.

I would point you to more coverage, but you can’t trip w/o some crap about Chrome. Download Chrome here. Some questions I have:

1. WTF happened to Flock (not Pluck, Ming)? How’s that growing?
2. How many downloads did Chrome have?
3. What was it like to work at Mozilla today?
4. How much longer can MSFT hold against the Google assault?

p.s. For users of Clearspring, we tested our pages and platform on Chrome. So far, so good. More to come…

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