Clearspring + AddThis = Universal Sharing

I am happy to announce that Clearspring has acquired AddThis, the number one bookmarking and sharing service on the web. We have been happy to introduce several firsts to the social web – cross-platform viral postng tools, widget analytics, and widget advertising. Now we are happy to announce the beginnings of another first for the social web – Universal Sharing. The combined audience of our tools is 200MM unique users and 300K+ publishers. This equates to 20B views/month. And this audience continues to grow at breakneck speeds month-over-month.

Over the last two years, Clearspring has developed a scalable platform enabling publishers to make widgets, or embeddable content, easy for users to share to blogs, start pages, desktops and social networks. AddThis has created a great service to enable those same users to share web pages. Together, we are laying the foundation for something great. Specifically, we are now the only company offering a comprehensive, end-to-end, set of sharing tools for web publishers seeking to syndicate embeddable AND page-level content to different services.

Our vision is to create an open sharing platform connecting publishers, advertisers, and developers. This platform will enable a true first on the web – enabling users to leverage any web-based service from within the context of any application, anywhere. As we move towards this vision, Clearspring will continue deliver the best widget distribution and monetization services possible and AddThis will continue it’s run towards the goal of becoming the most ubiquitous sharing tool for publishers. Shortly, however, you will start to see the beginnings of this vision come to life.

We welcome our friends from AddThis and are excited for what’s to come. As always, hit me up with questions/comments/suggestions – we would not be here without all your help and support. Thanks!

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