@world : braindump on lifestreams

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Streaming on lifestreams.

Ready. Set. Go.

– lifestream = live updates of stuff i am doing now
– two types of updates: machine-generated/human-generated
– machine-generated = del.icio.us, pandora…
– human-generated = status, tweet, post…
– lifestream, activitystream, newsfeed, and vitality are all same
– started with aim, accelerated by fb, hit the fan with twitter…
– the battle is on…
– twitter, friendfeed, socialthing, plurk, facebook, myspace, aim…
– aol knocked socialthing out
– lifestream is one of the four ‘pillars’ of the social web
– identity, friends, profile and – of course – activities
– my aim status is not wired to my facebook and so on…
– twitter gave birth to microblogging
– will make microblogging kill blogging?
– how will lifestreaming applications affect sharing?
– will sharing come through streams?
– where does del.icio.us go?
– what about tweet-l-d (twitter/del.icio.us remix)
– what about addthis and sharethis?
– distributed vs. centralized sharing?
– how will this all fit into the social aggregator?
– microsoft should update IE
– make the browser leverage the pillars
– they should make live the backend
– don’t count them out
– lifestreams will impact a ton…
– publishing, sharing, identity, bookmarking…
– don’t know how they will make $$$
– wtf is going to happen to email?
– it still keeps kickin’
– seems I need to keep diggin’
– how the hell can anyone get through all this data?
– how the hell can i keep this all in synch?
– drowning in life (streams)

What do you think?


hoomanradfar Written by:

  • "machine-generated updates" = consumption as self-expression

  • Jonathan, that statement is profound in it's simplicity. I am posting on what you said right now. Money.