The Grand Twitter Experiment

So, I have resisted Twitter and pretty much not used it since I created my account. I have no good reason for this. It is simply a fact.

Clearspring’s own Justin Thorp, however, has inspired me to try it. Rather than just playing around, I figured I would dive into this thing and see just how far I could go.

So, for the next week, I am officially going TWITTER CRAZY. Specifically, I am going to try to follow as many people as possible (that I know), make sure to Twitter every day and promote my Twitter feed through other channels like this blog, Facebook, and whatever the hell else I can think of.

Here are my stats today ( 8 / 16 / 08 ):

Following: 55
Followers: 16

Pretty lame start, right? 🙂

If you are Twittified already, please follow me at:

If you have any tips, tricks, or neat uses of Twitter, I would appreciate your comments and support. I will follow up in a week with an update and my new stats. See you on the other side…

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  • hooman,

    welcome to the twitterverse. you will no longer have in-between time, but will be giving and getting more in return.

    my advice and request: move quickly from what are you doing to "what's in your head/heart." i want to know what's got you thinking and where it takes you.

    the other thing great tweeters do is provide great tinyurls. the more the better. bring serendipity, personality and recommending to the microblog b/c i might have overlooked it otherwise, it it hadn't come from you.

    probably the most appropriate comment about twitter (and so remote from your reality today 🙂 was the Randy Pausch "Last Lecture" final thought: "Did you catch the second head-fake? This lecture wasn't for you, it's for my kids." i'm pwning twitter as a way of populating the future lifestream my children will sort through as a way to understand better what i value through what i did.

    welcome and looking forward to your uptake. cheers! silva

  • Thanks Silva. I have to say, my Twitter experiment was in no small part inspired by our phone conversation a while back. Hope all is well my friend.

  • Hooman,
    Glad to have you join the twitterverse. Share by adding value, thoughts and resource links. Tell us what you are thinking or what is interesting to you. That is your unique quality.

    Be Great!

    Rodney Rumford

  • Go crazy on twitter. You don't have time for twitter you're a CEO of a kick ass company 🙂


  • Thx rodney. Point is well taken. Will try to sprinkle some wisdom into my tweets per your comment.

  • Furrier – as always – you are too kind brotha.