Save Pandora. Grab a widget.

As you likely know, the online radio site, Pandora, is facing extinction. There are a ton of folks at Clearspring who are big fans of the service and would hate to see it go. So what does any geek do when they need help? He calls his fellow geeks.

We’ve created a widget that you can place on your blog, social network, or web page to show your support and raise awareness for the issue. The widget comes in three tasty sizes, can be virally shared, and enables your site users to email their support of Pandora to some of the folks involved.

The future of online radio is in our hands. Grab the widget from my blog, or visit to get a different size. Help keep the music on.

hoomanradfar Written by:

  • Save Ferris?

  • I want my radio! 🙂

  • Marshall Kirkpatrick

    Uhh, who do the emails go to?

  • Hey man, the emails go to soundexchange – the organization that represents the labels – and to an email bucket we created. The congressman's office that is fighting for Pandora asked us to collect the emails for them.

  • What's up Hoo-daddy? <a>Tantrum Volleyball is joining the fight for Pandora. I listen to it all the time and I don't like people messing with my rigorous daily routine. You should hit up Philly soon, Tietz misses you.

    – Mooney

  • Thanks buddy. I definitely have to come down soon. Love you.

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