A History of Web 2.0 – According to Widgets :)

Was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do two keynotes recently – GSP East in DC and WebWidgetExpo in NYC. It was definitely fun. I had the chance to meet some fantastic people and share some great ideas.

Participating in those conferences, both as a speaker and audience member, I thought a lot about what a profound effect the widget industry has had on the web.

Here is my breakdown:

2005: Widgets Emerge
– Desktop, social networks, start pages all incorporate widgets

2006: Widgets Attack
– Developers hack social networks with widgets. myspace/developer battle begins

2007: Widgets Welcome
– FB Platform changes the game. Social Context available in network. OpenSocial is born

2008: Open Everything
– FB Connect, Google FriendConnect, and MySpace DataPortability give social to the web.

2009++: World-Wide-Widget Web
– Widgets can travel the web and exchange data.

For a bit more colorful and graphical depiction, check out my WebWidgetExpo KeyNote.

This is truly an exciting time. The vision that many smart folks had around a web of distributed services is happening. The next step for sites that put out components is to give developers broader access to their data via web services.

More to come on future-casting. Gotta keep some stuff for later! 🙂

hoomanradfar Written by:

  • Interesting slides, one of these days I'll have to catch you in action.

  • I hope so man. I have met many of my 'virtual' friends in person and you are still on my list!!! Thanks, Hoo

  • I like the slides Hooman…. We are seeing the same trends here at StepChange in the custom widget development world.

  • Cool, Greg. Thanks for the positive vibe.