Twitter me This!

birdy flying - yea.

The other day someone asked me why I am not as active on Twitter. My answer was simple – I don’t have time!

Twitter is an interesting service. Neato-completo examples of how I used to use it:

1. Hoo be listening to music?
2. Reading the news, what’s next with Microhoo?
3. Hoo in DC, holla @ me.

Although the applications of the service are undoubtedly broad, it seems like many of the use cases for Twitter let people know what you are up to in a broadcast manner. This is not unlike the use cases for the away-message on AIM. As with AIM, although it is fun for people to know your status, it quickly gets old because you have to keep freaking changing it manually. So what’s the answer?

Recently there has been a whole lot of activity around – well – activity feeds. Services like SocialThing and FriendFeed are getting crazy attention as the next phase of Voyeurism 2.0 takes flight. These services aggregate your activities from across MULTIPLE services, enabling your subscribers to take a peak at your life. Why is this cool? Well, each of my examples above can be replaced with an ‘activity update’ from a service I use.

Let’s try it!

1. Hoo be listening to music? COULD BE –> Hooman is listening to Pandora (via Pandora)
2. Reading the news, what’s next with Microhoo? COULD BE –> Hooman bookmarked “Hello World” on
3. Hoo in DC, holla @ me. –> Hooman is in DC COULD BE –> Hooman is @ Club Awesome via MyLocation on Google

Much of my life involves using networked services. In fact, I would argue more people use networked services than not. Texting, calling on the phone, chatting on IM, are all examples. All of these could have activity status updates and be integrated into a feed for consumption. This automation is abillion times better for me than Twitter because I am LAZY!!!

Now, does that mean that there is no use for Twitter? No. It’s still rad and they could even update it to do all these things. Also, for now there is no online service that collects my random thoughts and impulses and outputs them in an automated fashion with some humorous tweaks. For now. 🙂

Anyway, that’s my two cents. The activity ‘space’ is really interesting. More to come on this and the other 4 Pillars of the Social Web (you, your friends, your activities, your services), later. Still chewing on this.

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  • My 2 cents…

    I really truly believe that any businessman who isn't using twitter is leaving money on the table.

    Marketing is no longer a mass media game. It's not about passively engaging millions of people. It's about relationships.

    If you wanna win over new customers and build community you have to meet them one on one. All of these different tools, whether it's Twitter, ustream, seesmic, Facebooks, LinkedIn or whatever, are tools of which you can connect with existing and potential customers in a way that you can build a relationship with them.

    In the world of word of mouth, every single user matters, no matter what. You don't know if that one user who you're shrugging off because you don't use X service is going to be the one who will land use the next multi-million dollar deal.

    It's gotta be complete and utter transparency.

    And Hooman based on how well known you are and your personality, I'm confident that you could get 2000 followers on Twitter without breaking a sweat.

  • Justin, appreciate the feedback. I still have faith that there is a role for Twitter in my life. I just need to organize things a bit so that I have time to figure it out!

  • Hooman,
    Twitter is not for the busy CEO. Twitter should work for you instead of you working on it. Hey maybe someone will leverage that social graph data… hmm