Spread Widgets. Grow Trees.

The more times this widget gets grabbed and the video gets watched, the more trees get planted! So grab the widget below by clicking the ‘grab it’ link, or grab one of the other widgets listed below. Would appreciate any ideas, or help. This is a great cause.

More via Justin Thorp:

I can now say that if you love the environment, you need to use widgets. ABC and the Arbor Day Foundation have teamed up for a sweet campaign.

ABC has picked nine of their television show widgets that use Clearspring Launchpad. The widgets contain video trailers for upcoming episodes of their shows.

Every 10 times a video is watched in the widget, a tree sapling will be planted. This is all tracked using our analytics & reporting functionality via the widget console.

Use the ABC widgets, watch the videos, and trees will be planted. It’s that easy.

The participating ABC widgets are:

* Dancing with Stars
* Squeegees
* Brothers & Sisters
* Desperate Housewives
* Grey’s Anatomy
* Ugly Betty
* Samantha Who?
* Bachelor

For more on this fantastic story, click here. GO ABC! Helping environment == cool. 🙂

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  • Aparna

    How about adding some greenery in our office ?

  • smiles and candycanes.

  • Aparna

    hmmm 🙂