Digital Hollywood NYC this Week

For those of you in the circuit, it has been conference madness recently. It seems like a week does not go by without one. Here a couple fun one’s that I have been in involved with recently:

Sports Marketing 2.0
Graphing Social West

Since I hate to break a streak, I figured why not keep at it! 🙂

If you you happen to be in NYC this Wednesday, visit my panel “Widgets as a Platform: Content, Commerce, Communications” at Digital Hollywood in NYC. There are some really amazing folks in the social media space participating including:

– Lance Tokuda (Founder/CEO, RockYou)
– Dan Riess (VP Marketing and Ad Solutions, Turner)
– Eric Alterman (Founder/Chairman, KickApps)
– Kevin Freeman (VP Finance/Ops, Slide)
– Ori Soen (Founder/CEO, Musestorm)

See abstract below:

Now there is a new expression, The Widget Economy. For the uninitiated, the widget is miniature application or website that resides as a component element on a user’s desktop, social media page or mobile device. A button on a user desktop may open multiple widgets, so that in a flash, mini-apps open on the desktop to reveal up-to-the minute stocks, the weather, airline arrivals, a dictionary, your photo album – virtually anything, any data type – can be formatted into a widget and placed on your desktop. Once the user gets the hang of it, life without widgets is impossible. Widgets are as addictive as email. Widgets are your mini-obsessions managed and delivered as desired. Add in a layer of commerce and you have a fully featured platform. Watch out! Widgets are Here!

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