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I usually don’t buzz on Clearspring, but I am feeling saucy. So here are some fun quotes from today:

Justin covers for Hoo @ Ajaxworld. This has been the year of the conference for the gang, but we are having a great time and getting some love. Via Internet News:

Clearspring offers the promise of a write once run anywhere widget platform. So instead of having to write different widgets for different sites you just do it once and get one click viral distribution.

Sounds neat doesn’t it?

For the last two years we have been working with a ton of media companies executing hundreds of campaigns for well over 100 major brands like NBC Disney, NFL, Paramount and more. We have done a ton of work, in particular, working with movie studios like our friends at Paramount. These guys have been amazing partners and our project for the upcoming Indiana Jones movie (WHICH IS GOING TO RULE) got some love via Reuters:

Paramount turned to widget provider Clearspring for “Skull,” and will offer a contest with the release of the second trailer. The two fans who manage to distribute their “Skull” widgets most will win trips to the world premiere of the movie and the chance to be red-carpet correspondents in footage that will be streamed onto the “Skull” widgets after the premiere.

p.s. Thanks to my man, Justin, for covering for me at AjaxWorld. I had to miss it, but he apparently did a great job at an amazing conference. 🙂

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