Mark Zuckerburg's College Application

It seems that Facebook is going through some growing pains. Their Beacon product is getting trashed left and right as Web 2.0 geeeks question privacy issues.

And as major brand advertisers like Coke continue to jump ship, Mark Zuckerburg was at trial. Why? He was defending his personal privacy. It seems that fate is not without a sense of irony.

Harvard Alumni Magazine 02138 got a hold of a series of personal documents from the Facebook CEO’s time at Harvard. One of the documents was his college application. Zuckerburg tried to sue to get a take-down. He lost.

I am all about free speech, but I think that the magazine should have had the courtesy to at least withhold certain information like his home address and SSN. That just sucks. Leave the guy alone. What do you think?

I am sure Nick and Marc have opinions. 🙂

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hoomanradfar Written by:

  • Yah – that sucks to have your SSN posted live. But once you're a billionaire – I believe the Feds will issue you a new one.

    In fact I believe that $1B will buy you 10 new SSNs.

  • Ha ha ha. Thanks, Marc. I think you might be right… 🙂