Widgets Make a Splash

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USA Today had an interesting story about the progress of the widget market – discussing the massive impact that widgets have had this year. It is particularly interesting to read this article after reviewing the article written by Newsweek at the beginning of the year titled ‘Year of the Widget.’

I made a similar claim before the article was published. That being said, I don’t know that anyone would have exactly predicted how things would have evolved. The moves by Facebook changed the game. The widget space started out as folks raiding the walled gardens. Now purveyors of walled gardens are all rushing to open their doors to the masses seeking to innovate within their community – realizing that if they are not in, they are out. The result has been a tremendous change in the dynamic of how platforms, developers, and audiences interact. Moreover, a new space/term/something has emerged – social applications. I think that the world is still figuring that out. For instance, many (most) often confuse widgets with social applications on Facebook. They are different – at least today.

Om, Lawrence, and Nick also have some good stuff following up on this article that discusses some of the leading platforms and players in the space. Much to do as the space evolves.

Later geeks. Peace out.

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