Open Everything

Verizon announced today that they are going ‘open.’ Om has a good post on this. Here are the high level implications:

1. A phone with Wi-Fi doesn’t need approval from Verizon, apart from making sure it works with Verizon’s network.
2. You can make any device — as long as it’s CDMA network-based, Verizon has no problem with you selling it.
3. Chinese handset makers can now bring $25 phones to the U.S.
4. Theoretically, Apple can do a CDMA-based iPhone and sell it in its own stores.

So let’s recap on this in the context of the rest of what is going on with the web:

1. OpenSocial tries to make ‘people’ data available
2. Android makes mobiles platform open to developers
3. Verizon starts a trend of telecom vendors decoupling devices from networks

It looks like the world is swiftly moving to ‘Open Everything.’ In this world, convergence scenarios popularized in the dot-com era are now becoming possible. in this world, things are moving so fast that we have clicked from Web 1.0 to Web 3.0 in just a few short years.

I give up trying to version it – Welcome to Web X.0. Nifty!

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