Help! – Widget Developer Survey

I would love some input from any widget creators that have a second. If you have additional comments, feel free to use the handy-dandy commenting tool. 🙂


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  • Hooman, interesting poll. Love to see what you do with the results.

    It was a tough decision as many of the options are important. However, in context for StickiWidgets, I voted for help in distribution. I don't necessarily need help distributing from my site but rather distribution tools for various social networks.

    Overall, I rather spend my time on the widget development or monetization than trying to keep up with all the various distribution destinations. Tracking is nice, but at the end of the day the important numbers are revenue and profit.


  • I echo Ming's feelings exactly. I chose "Get Your Widget Exposed Outside Your Website" assuming that means things like in widget Facebook / MySpace / TypePad buttons.

    You and I have talked about this, but I'd love a piece of code that I can drop into my existing embed code that provided this functionality.

    In terms of onsite distribution, you can kind of brute force it – you can provide as much onsite promotion as required to make your destination site visitors aware of your widgets. Then, tools like Gigya make it awfully easy to add buttons for the various aggregators.

    Tracking is nice, but not huge. There are ways that a publisher can get a rough idea as to how much a widget is getting picked up – backlink tools and so forth. But for things like seeking investment and A/B testing, it's pretty important to have good stats.

  • Hey Hooman, cool poll – interesting results.

    Wanted to share our clearspring widget we made for Social Suggester (basically lets people get easy music/movie/book suggestions inside the widget) Please email me back if you have any feedback, It would be it would be greatly appreciated and really valued.

    Anyway you can check out our widget here:

  • Thanks for the feedback guys. It is funny how many people emailed, or hit me up via alternative means outside the poll as a result. It definitely looks like distribution/monetization take the cake for widget creators.

    However, recently, the whole social compatibility function has jumped out as a biggie, but we will see how that plays out. At the end of the day, I feel like that plays into the distribution aspect of the game…