Hello Launchpad.

Clearspring released our Launchpad product yesterday.

This is the first of many power tools that we are releasing to enable widget publishers to create the most comprehensive syndication programs out there. If you want to stay up to date on all the stuff we are building, check out my man Will’s blog.

Launchpad is a pretty rad tool that enables widget creators to heighten distribution from their site via a menu, or set of buttons. You can try it here. It can be skinned to fit your site and you can integrate the tools set quickly with your content management system. It only takes a couple of minutes. If you use this tool in conjunction with the rest of the services in our platform, you can quickly set up a complete widget syndication program. Specifically you can make your widget cross-platform, manage widget configuration parameters from Clearspring, make it viral, add distribution tools to your site, and track it using our real-time analytics engine. You can even transform a widget into a Facebook App with zero additional code. If you want to use it on it’s own, that’s ok too! 🙂

Setting up Launchpad – and most of our tools for the matter – takes just a couple of minutes.

Here is what Mashable Mashable had to say:

With the launchpad’s new share menu, site visitors can easily send your widget or web content to their websites in the form of a widget. This widget can of course be placed on blogs and social networking profiles as well. Additionally, site visitors can email the content to friends or save them to a social bookmarking service like Digg or Technorati as well.

The menu itself has two options: you can embed it in its entirety, or add a button that expands one a site visitor clicks on it, to offer all of the sharing options. This works in a very similar manner to the “share” button that displays above every article here on Mashable. What’s unique, however, is the option for immediate widgetizing of the content that you’re offering up to be shared, which could be a blog post, a video, an image or pretty much any other type of web content.

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Disclaimer: In case you are living under a rock, I work for Clearspring. Had to give the team some love. 🙂

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  • Great new feature… Will have to play with it when I get a chance.

  • Thanks Ming, lots more to come!

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