My Minor Facelift for Facebook

You might have noticed that our friends at Facebook have changed the game for distributed applications ’round the world. MySpace is not the prettiest girl at the dance. Tapping the ‘Social Graph’ is all the rage. And the Cold War of open social networks has started (more to come).

Given that the distributed web is moving into the next phase of it’s evolution, I thought it was time to upgrade this old blog. So I have changed my tagline from:

Taming the Wild World ‘O Widgets

To the following shiny new tagline:

Taming the Wild World O’ Widgets, Social Applications, and the Distributed Web.

As if that were not enough, here are some new blizogs to check out on the sidebar:

Inside Facebook
All Facebook

And finally, to commemorate this herculean effort, I’m working on a series of posts that discuss the future of widgets/social apps. That’s right – another action-packed, series!

You may recall other fantastic serial posts from Widgify ™ including ‘Widgets are the new Webpages’ and ‘Death of the Portal’. So what’s next? Stay tuned fan-boys. 🙂

Ok, I am o-fficially rocked. Time for sleep.

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hoomanradfar Written by:

  • Not to nit pick, but your actual tagline doesn't match the one you wrote in the post. 😉

    Looking forward to the new series.

  • YIKES! I am fixing it. Holy smokes. Thx man. he he.

  • It's not like you have any more important things to do… Get right on it…

    This reminds me, my own blog's been a little neglected lately.

  • Thanks man.