Hoo's at WidgetCon?


To my fellow geeks hitting up WidgetCon that are interested in chatting, ping me via comment/email/fb/ms/im/cell/office/fax (whatever you got). I am speaking there with some pretty cool folks. For those of you that do not have the scoop about this dope-as-a-rope conference here is the dish from our amigos at Freewebs:

WidgetCon is a full day event to be held at the Tribeca Cinemas in New York on July 11th. Its objective is to begin to look towards the smart growth of widget marketing, through conversations on everything from standards to metrics to production and economics, as well as creative and media strategies.

This is making out to be an interesting event and will be the second official Widget-only conference ever. The first was Widgets Live held last year. That event grew out of organic blog commentary and was a smashing success.

The speaker list is below. There was one speaker recently added to this list. Our friend Linda Abraham, EVP Comscore, is joining the panel. You heard it here first! Congrats to Linda and team on the IPO – we are psyched to celebrate. 🙂


Ed Anuff – CEO, WidgetBox

Linda Abraham – EVP, Comscore

David Card – VP and Senior Analyst, Jupiter Research

Chris Cunningham – VP of Sales, Freewebs

Andrew C. Frank

Analyst, Gartner

Eyal Gever – CEO/co-founder, Gizmoz

Martin Green – Vice President, Business, meebo

Joe Heitzeberg – CEO/co-founder, Snapvine.com

Joseph Jaffe – Chief Interruptor, crayon

Chris Jones – Former CEO, JWT

Jeremy Liew – Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners

Robert Nelson – CEO, pYzam

Kara Nortman – Vice President M&A, IAC

Shervin Pishevar – President, Freewebs

Ivan Pope – CEO/co-founder, Sniperoo

Hooman Radfar – Founder, Clearspring Technologies

Andrew Stachler – Director of Interactive Marketing, Warner Bros. Pictures

Lance Tokuda – CEO, RockYou!

Greg Verdino (had to correct) VP, Director of Emerging Channels, Digitas

Scott Witt – Vice President, Denuo

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