Clearspring Open (Hooray)

This post is mirrored from our shiny new Clearspring blog that went live about 45 minutes ago. I will continue to blog here Widgify, but will post Clearspring stuff there. I will occasionally double-post, or mention stuff if I think it is rad enough. I am so psyched that we are going to let people play with this stuff. If any of you guys have any ideas, questions, or comments post to our forum, email us, or contact me directly. We have a ton to do and would love your help.

Go get your shiny new account today!

Come play!

Over the last couple months, we have had the good fortune to work with content partners like Maxim, NBA, NBC Universal, Time and RockYou. Not only have we worked with some stellar partners on the content side, but we have also worked with leading widget-friendly destinations like Microsoft Live, iGoogle, Netvibes, Pageflakes, Freewebs, Friendster and more to make the ecosystem a better place for us all.

As we nailed down how to serve and process real-time analytics at scale with these folks earlier this year (that was hard), we started to kick around some ideas about how to get our friends from the developer community more into the mix. The idea was simple. Can we help anyone kick-start their own syndication strategy? Specifically, could Clearspring make it easy for every web developer to make, share and track widgets? And so Preview Program was born. Thousands requested accounts. Millions of widgets were served. Fires were put out. Some stuff worked. Some didn’t. But with your help, we built some cool stuff.

Recently, we have been inundated with requests. Our widget serving rate went nuts. Although we all wanted to do more stuff, we figured it was about time to let everyone play together. We are happy to announce that the preview is over. The Clearspring Community Platform is now open for development. Oh yea, and it’s free.

Now you can use the same technology being leveraged by industry leading brands to get your widgets out and about in a jiffy. We provide a set of tools to transform your content and applications into widgets, syndicate widgets easily across multiple platforms, and leverage our robust analytics to track the spread of your widgets in real-time. Want to get started? Check out our feature run-down and create an account.

This is just the first step. We have a ton to do and are trying some new stuff out in real-time with this release. But we hope that together we can put a dent in the universe and transform the entire web. We created a developer center with documentation, a forum and this (clearspring) blog. Ping us there or email us so we can jam out to build what’s next. Thanks to everyone for all their interest, feedback and support. We love working with you and are excited to make many more friends in the widgetsphere. We are truly excited to work with you all.

Let the games begin,

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  • Congratulations Hooman and team….

    You guys rock and we expect even more in the coming months. 😉

  • Hooman Radfar

    Thanks Ming. I am sending an email out to my fellow widget dorks. Would appreciate your comments and feedback!

  • Awesome! Congrats!


  • Hooman Radfar


    Gracias mi amigo.