Whoa. Déjà vu.

There is a glitch in the Matrix!

From an article written about AOL circa 2001:

“There is an all out war going on between those who promote the Internet and powerful corporations who are attempting to stifle the growth of the Internet.

AOL pretends to be the internet, and restricts user access to web sites that don’t pay them.”

Fast-forward. It’s 2007. Eliot Van Buskirk from Wired writes an article entitled, “Note to Everyone: MySpace Is Not the Web. Get Ready to Move On” where he states:

…MySpace isn’t the web — it’s a business…Why should the company serve up its audience to YouTube, Sony and everyone else who wants a piece of the action for free?

Sound familiar?

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hoomanradfar Written by:

  • Good to read an article related to aol that was "before my time". In response to the article related to Myspace: Why should they serve up its audience to other companies? IMO, MySpace members aren't customers/clients like a traditional business. It's a place for friends, its not a place for business. It's a place built open open walls and customizing your space.

    Widget providers such as youtube,photobucket, and various myspace resource sites are all about passing/sharing UGC content in a virtual world known as myspace. I'm all for MySpace blocking widgets with "ads" however to block widgets that the end users want is shafting the community. The same community that is their #1 assest.

    It's so cliché to say MySpace will fall any second. However give it a couple more years and we'll see the friendster case all over again. Déjà vu 2010?

  • 2010!!! I'd have grey hairs by then! Let's be real, Myspace was a FREE site people had no clue was any different than a better FREE dating site. Even hotornot, which was KING before myspace/friendster is now FREE….

    It just depends on your definition of FREE.

    I have my own version, that's because soon, everyone is going to get blipd!

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