Coming up for Air!

Ok, so some of you might have seen the recent news on Clearspring (my company). And some of you may have put two and two together to realize why I have been a bit dark (Thanks Ivan). Well, for those of you that do not read blogs, our company has had the good fortune of closing a recent round of financing. We are really lucky to have some folks like Steve Case, Ted Leonsis, and Mark Jung on board. With this financing, we plan to expand our developer team and refine our product offerings. If you are looking for something fun to do, check out our job openings. We will even pay you. 🙂

We are working with a ton of great folks on the media side such as the NBA, Time, USAToday, and more to build out a super scalable service. The good news is that we plan to start opening up parts of this service to the world in the coming weeks. To sign up to play around before release go here. We will be iteratively posting new stuff to the dev site, so stay tuned.

In short, it looks as if I am going to be a little more normal about blogging again. For those of you loyal widget fans that want a sneak peak into my next post, check out this tidbit from Fred Wilson.

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