Do-it-Yourself Web!

Enterprise Web 2.0 guru, Dion Hinchliffe has an awesome post describing the “do it yourself phenomenon” with widgets.

Here is a snippet (no pun intended) from his article was particularly interesting:

If you’re still playing the old single Web site game, aren’t using syndication strategically, and haven’t leveraged the entire Web as a platform for your content and services, changes are that you’re at a significant competitive disadvantage. Even the page views/advertising issues aren’t as big as expected. Widgets actually don’t take away from business models based on advertising, and in fact, can complement advertising viewership significantly.

It seems that Dion has officially hopped on the widget train. Later, dorks.

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  • Ditto. I told Dion his post was awesome, too…

    Over on nfp 2.0 I've written a long piece about, Justgiving, Carebadges, smart widgets, the potential of networks for extending the reach of your widget (Dion) and for communicating success.

  • Hooman Radfar

    Steve, thanks for the pointer. I will definitely check that out.