Export Your Minis with YourMinis!

You may have noticed that start pages are swiftly becoming full widget management systems. Pageflakes recently led the charge on this front, enabling users to export widgets to sites outside of their domain. In our post discussing this move, we predicted that this feature would swiftly become a standard in the start page space:

“Undoubtedly, this capability will become the norm as this space matures. Although this was pinned as just another feature release, the move should not be taken lightly. It has massive implications for the future of content aggregation platforms. Data and services are not meant to be bound to a single destination – they are meant to be free.”

Well it looks like this theory might not be too off base. Another start page platform has taken the plunge. The folks from Goowy Media have updated the YourMinis platform to enable users to export their kewl Flash modules.

What is really great about their implementation is that the modules behave differently outside of the YourMinis environment. In the world of YourMinis, the widget is editable. You can change the colors, feeds, and other settings as applicable. However, once the widget it is exported, it retains configuration settings – only exposing viral capabilities to the visitors of the site it resides upon. What is even more rad is that, since these modules are created in Flash, they work on MySpace!

The folks at YourMinis are innovating at light speed. Not only have they managed to crank out an absolutely sexy user experience, but they are also pushing the limits on new paradigms in web service management. I wonder what Tariq and Freddy have up their sleeves for Netvibes. Knowing that crew, it is bound to be something good.

Congrats to Gary and the rest of the team for a job well-done. Really looking forward to more cool stuff in this space! Later, fan-boys.

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