Congrats to Eric and the MyBlogLog Team!

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Ok, so this is definitely late. But better, late then never I say…

Congrats to my buddy Eric Marcoullier on the acquisition of his company, MyBlogLog, by Yahoo. He and his team have managed to transform a blog tracking service into one of the most differentiated, high-growth, social networks on the web. As some of you might know, I am a big fan of the MyBlogLog service. Here is an excerpt from a post I did on my old blog Convergence:

MyBlogLog gives each blogger a “space” that shows blogs he/she authors, other communities they are following, and a place for folks to leave general comments. They also offer cool widgets to enhance your blog with social functionality. In short, MyBlogLog communities gives blog-geeks the cool community features offered by MySpace, without forcing them to give up their right to publish the way they want.

Check out the full post here. As an aside, check out Rob’s post on how their widgets have helped drive their growth. Via his blog:

MyBlogLog is absolutely growing like mad. Eric posts the statistics on MyBlogLog at their blog:

First the major milestones:

* We hit 40K registered sites today
* We served a million Reader Rolls on Monday
* We’ve had consecutive 50M work weeks for pages tracked (that’s 2.5B pages tracked per year if we don’t grow another bit [and don’t track anything on weekends])

It was a great opportunity to compare against Scott’s stats post from two weeks ago and see the trends. I love the continued adoption of the Reader Roll widget:

* Oct 30: 1,325 Sites with Reader Rolls
* Nov 28: 2,398 Sites with Reader Rolls
* Dec 13: 3,658 Sites with Reader Rolls

Best of luck guys! 🙂

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