Protopage Opens Doors to Widget Developers

Protopage Rulez

Protopage v3 came out the other day to much fanfare. This new version boasts 30 new features. Most notably, it now boasts a shiny new widget gallery for users to find stuff and a browser-based IDE for developers. This now puts Protopage in the top ranks of the startpage game. There is a ton to do, but it is definitely on the right track. Other efforts to watch in this increasingly popular category include:

Google IG
My Yahoo

It will be exciting to see how the competition in this space plays out!

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hoomanradfar Written by:

  • Thanks for your review….we just launched a new community around sharing tabs that allows you to discover, rate, comment on and add tabs….check it out at Would love to know what you think.

  • Hooman Radfar

    Hiya Alex! No problem. I actually saw the live demo of YourMinis and met Gary at Widgets Live. He is a great guy and we think the world of your team! One thing that we suggested was for you guys to add the ability for developers to publish Widgets to the YourMinis environment. That would be rad.

  • Coleman

    After the Ballyhoo! Down to serious business on our new protopageV3 it is just awesome in its presentation of colour coded tabs for public gaze and/or shared instant collaboration! Thank you for listening and responding to our requests for features not otherwise available on Web2. Cheers!

  • Hooman Radfar

    Coleman, thanks for stopping by. What do you think is next for startpages? We are excited to see what Protopage does in the future!

  • salam aghaye radfar , dhoma jadid tarin kashfe man hastid
    be nazar ke kheili herfee e hastid
    az ashnaee tooon khoshhaalam