Metrics in an Atomized World

In case you have been living under a rock recently, the web is atomizing – fast. Keith Teare of Edgeio has a good follow-up post on Fred Wilson’s discussion of this “De-portalization” trend. It seems that the resounding consensus across the web is that the old school aggregation model is going down. Several folks are speaking on this topic at Ajax World East 2007 including:

  • Steve Rubel
  • Adam Sah
  • Stowe Boyd
  • Dion Hinchcliffe
  • Me!

If you buy the atomization of the web bit, then you are probably on board with the concurrent theme being propagated around the blogosphere – the death of the page view. Folks like Evan Williams, Fred Wilson, Steve Rubel, Michael Parekh, Om Malik, and Jeff Jarvis all agree that existing metrics no longer cut it. Given Fred’s history with Comscore, that is a big deal.

That being said, what metrics will make the cut in this brave new world? There is plenty of talk claiming that everything is foo-bared, but little progress towards a real answer. Well, there are folks that are trying. We are hard at work with our partners to figure out what else matters. I think we are off to a good start and will keep everyone posted on our findings. I am sure that – in addition to the folks above – widget fiends like Danny, Lawrence, Tim, Ivan, Dare, Rob, Niall, and – of course – ninja widget creators have some ideas. What do YOU think the new metrics for widgets will be?

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