Coming Soon…Brand Name Widgets!


To date, widget creation and distribution has been fairly grassroots. From bling on MySpace to badges for blogs (thanks for the pointer Tim), however, this phenomenon has started to really take off with consumers. Just to give you a clue as to how big some of these things can get, we have already seen some widgets that get 12M views/month!

Some of the biggest brands on the planet are taking note. Advertisers, marketers, and content providers alike recognize the significance of the change. It goes without saying that they do not plan to miss the introduction of this new communications channel – especially when the importance of increasing their audience reach and engagement is greater than ever.

So expect to see some big things from some big companies sooner than you think. For all you Widgi-fans, I will have some special widget previews that will be introduced exclusively on Widgify. So stay tuned!

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