Brightcove vs. Everyone?

After receiving a million comments/questions/opinions about BrightCove from all of my fine, feathered, friends, I decided that I would bite the bullet and blog about it.

In my opinion, their new position is pretty simple. They are competing with everyone. I mean everyone. YouTube, Revver, NBBC, Voxant, College Humor, and more specialize in delivering pieces of the new BrightCove platform. The move by Brightcove is either a super-brilliant all-or-nothing dash to own the legal video market, or it is absolutely Captain Insano. Only time will tell I suppose.

If they do pull this off, the web will definitely be a very different place. Not to mention they will be very rich video moguls. Either way, I wish them the best of luck. See below for a breakdown of the BrightCove vs. Everyone.


– Consumer-facing Video Gallery
– Search, discover and share videos
– Video can be distributed via a viral video player

Sound familiar? Check out College Humor, YouTube, Google Video, and Yahoo Video

2. BrightCove Network

– Syndication service for independent content creators
– Upload video for free
– They will put in the ads
– Content owner gets a 50% rev share

Sound familiar? Check out Revver. This also puts them in competition with video ad technologies like recent AOL acquisition Lightning Cast.

3. BrightCove Syndication Network

– B2B marketplace
– Gallery for participants to find shared content
– Distribution services
– Licensing services

Sound familiar? Check out NBBC.

4. BrightCove Platform

– Hosted SaaS for content providers
– Distribute video from your site
– Use the platform, put in your own ads
– Keep ad revenue, sell downloads

Sound familiar? I don’t even feel like going through this one. 🙂

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  • Hello, Hooman — Thanks for commeting over at the Splashcast blog. I will be at WidgetLive. Let's take some time to talk when there.

    Bryihtcove has quite a road ahead of them. I wonder how they will stay focused on their mission with such a broad strategy. No one can do it all. It seems like Brightcove is trying to do just that. How does Brightcove differentiate itself in such a fast growing market?

  • Hooman Radfar

    Alex, that sounds great. Would love to touch base then.

    I think that the comments you made are fair. Their strategy is definitely really wide-reaching and tough to implement for any company in such a dynamic market.

    I wonder what their burn rate is? It must be getting insane!

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