Widgets Live – A WidgetCon is Born

In a previous post, we traced the brewing discussion pertaining to a potential Widget Conference. Well, it seems that this is no longer a mere discussion. Dare Obasanjo, the accidental progenitor of the event, announced that Widgets Live will take place the same week as the Web 2.0 conference.

The first ever conference dedicated to widgets, gadgets, and modules will take place on Monday, November 6, in San Francisco. The one-day conference will capture and summarize the emerging widget economy and allow developers, business leaders, and content producers to collaborate and better understand how they might participate in syndication at the edge of the network.

The conference is being produced by the ever-vigilant, Om Malik, and self-titled, syndication geek, Niall Kennedy. Should be am absolutely blast. Buy your tickets for the conference here. Hope to see all my fellow Widgi-fans there.

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