Reverbnation's Widget Strategy on Mashable!

So remember how I said that Reverbnation was doing some cool stuff with Widgets? It turns out that I am not the only one that thinks these guys are on to some pretty rad stuff. Pete Cashmore had a good post discussing their Widget strategy, stating:

But one of the best surprises is their [reverbnation’s] far-reaching widget strategy: for now you can grab any show schedule and post it to blogs, MySpace, hi5, Piczo et al, but they’ll soon add the widget logo next to photos, blogs, press pages and the tour maps on artist pages. You can see an example of the show schedule and email submission form on this MySpace page. Distributing the different parts of the site through widgets is essential when MySpace has pretty much become the center of the music universe – bands may use ReverbNation’s FanReach tool to manage their email newsletters, but continue to have a MySpace page. The obvious omission here is a MySpace music player – syndicating the music itself to other social networks would make a lot of sense.

Congrats on the good vibe, guys! Also, I am glad you had the chance to discuss the whole trademark issue with Senor Ivan from Snipperoo.

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Disclosure: Clearspring is working on some tests with Reverb! 🙂

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