Reverbnation Rocks with Widgets! (repost)

Reverbnation is quietly building a service intended to make the lives of bands around the web easier. Their offering combines social networking with some valuable hosted services such as finding venues, planning tours, and connecting with other bands. They are currently hard at work preparing to launch their beta on October 31st.

One thing that caught my attention as a Widgi-holic was how they empower bands to make it really easy to deploy their information across the web to sites like MySpace, Purevolume, etc. Specifically, they do so by providing a section on their site just for – you guessed it – widgets! As you all know, having widgets is swiftly becoming a de facto requirement for most services online today.

Expect to see some cool stuff coming from these cats in the near future. They are a good group. Although Jed still owes me some tickets for their release party.

p.s. Since the great blog destruction of 2006, Jed has since invited me. I am now officially cool. 🙂

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