WidgetCon – The Birth of an Unconference?

For those of you that have had your head in the sand, you should definitely check out emerging discussions on WidgetCon – the conference on Widgets! See below for the play-by-play on the evolving story. If this event happens – which looks likely given the demand – the historical evolution of the conference will be something interesting to remember. It is definitely growing in a manner that is consistent with the collective participation theme that pervades the Web 2.0 movement.

  • Dare puts out interest in a Widget Conference in a P.S. statement posted on a rather loaded post on the nature of Web 2.0 Conferences
  • Om kindly volunteers to host Dare and others at an informal event. Seth from Meebo and a bunch of others (including Clearspring) volunteer to throw in some help.
  • The man with his ear to the ground, Marc C, starts to get the word out (he is good at that).
  • Tim Post, Widget enthusiast extraordinare, is now also spreading the word. I am just waiting for Steve Rubel, Fred Wilson, and Mike Arrington to start chatting on it. I am excited to help in any way to make this event a success. Should be good times.

    hoomanradfar Written by:

    • I’d like to suggest, irony intended, that we use a web badge/widget to spread the word and build interest in the proposed WidgetCon.

      If anyone has the time and talent all we need is a “coolâ€? image/icon.

      I just bought widgetcon.org and will glad donate/transfer it to the widgetcon group once it’s set-up. Somebody already bought widgetcon.com yesterday. Hopefully, they’re a “friendly.â€?

      – Tim

    • This is an an awesome opportunity. I wish I could attend something like WidgetCon 0.1 (1.0 is too over done) I like how you refer to Tim Post as an “enthusiast extraordinareâ€? He is that and more. Tim has helped me push my site forward in new directions and I thank him for that.

    • Hooman Radfar

      Awesome idea, Tim. I think I have some creative ways we can use the badge. Let me check with my graphics folks. I am in contact with Marc Canter, Om Malik and some folks at AOL about trying to make this happen as well. Do you guys want to set up a mailing list, or something?

    • Hi guys, sounds like a great idea. I'd love to help out as well.

    • Hooman:

      Sure, I have the beginnings for a email list and will set it up this weekend. I can be reached at 781-551-5511 or at postzavtra at gmail dot com. Let me know whom I should send the list.

      Have a great Columbus Day weekend.


    • Guys, I just talked to Om and am getting the details on the conference. Tim, would love to see that mailing list. I will let you guys know what's up as I find out more. Thanks for stopping by.

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