Live – Ross Levinsohn on the MySpace Ecosystem

I am currently sitting on the floor at the OMMA Conference in NYC where a bit earlier, Ross Levinsohn of Fox Interactive wrapped up a morning session discussing the future of online marketing.

Much of his time was spent reviewing a lengthy set of statistics intended to lure advertisers to MySpace. However, one topic he discussed that caught my interest was the MySpace Ecosystem. When prompted with a question about the comments made by Peter Chernin last week, he responded by characterizing the MySpace Ecosystem like a double-edged sword. On one hand, the increased proliferation of Widgets on MySpace has played a tremendous role in reinforcing their explosive growth. On the other hand, external Widgets present unique challenges to MySpace with respect to competition, malicious or non-functional applications, and inappropriate content. During the discussion he alluded that MySpace had a number of projects in the works because at the end of the day, “they are trying to run a business.â€? Those of you in the Widgetsphere have probably already checked out their initiatives in the space, as well as some of their efforts to compete with popular services that have gained traction with their users.

Some other interesting comments from the head honcho from Fox Interactive:

– The ad slow-down suggested by Yahoo is not endemic to the industry, MySpace is not experiencing the same issue
– After 14 months they are the 2nd largest web property network on the planet
– Fox Interactive reaches 50% of the 18-24 year olds on the web

Ironically, Ross Levinsohn asked the audience if anyone was blogging. Well, Ross, I was blogging. In fact, I was blogging about you. :)

Staci from Paid Content also was in the audience. See her post for more information. Later!

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