I am Fred Wilson

Sorry to interrupt my Widget series, but this was just too fun. So, I found a slight problem with the del.icio.us badge system. Apparently, the folks at del.icio.us do not mind people claiming other people’s identity within their newly released social network. For example, I am not too happy with my current financial position. Who is though? Wouldn’t it be nice to be a VC? Specifically, wouldn’t it be cool to be a VC in NYC?

If I decide that Fred’s identity is no longer fun and I want to switch to another, I can simply sprinkle on some fairy dust and…
POOF!! I am now an expert on Internet marketing with skills in micro-persuasion

Here’s one more just for fun. Sorry, Dion, you know I have love for ya…

All joking aside, this is probably not a good thing. I doubt that Fred Wilson and Steve Rubel would be happy if I put their del.icio.us badges on my sidebar. Hopefully the fine folks at del.icio.us will opt to upgrade their badges to eliminate this “feature.â€? Anyway, I will get you that last installment soon. Hope you enjoyed the magic act!

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hoomanradfar Written by:

  • fred is a good guy – you should email him – he would appreciet knowing this and pass it on.

  • Hooman Radfar

    Howard, thanks for the note. I will ping Fred, Steve, and Dion and let them know. I did not even think to do that. I have been distracted with that whole work thing. Bah. 🙂