Part II – Widgets are the New Web Pages

Hello Widgi-fans,In our last episode, we discussed the emergence of Widgets. Now that you know a bit about Widgets, it just makes sense to delineate some major areas of growth in the space spanning from widget creation to search.Since there is tons to discuss, I have truncated my original list (It was long). This shorter and shinier list is organized by user class. Note that things get a bit sticky when you try to define potential problem areas that Widget Creators have because they are not always the same people as the content/service owners. For example, the folks that made the Yahoo Finance Badge may have needs that differ from a developer making a Widget using Yahoo Web Services. Ya dig? For now, I am lumping the two into one category to start.

In future fire side chats, we can try to break things down more specifically as it definitely worth exploring. If you have any specific feedback, or ideas, I would love to hear them.

Widget Creators (Individual,, Yahoo)

  • Creation – Um, ok who is going to build this thing?
  • Tools & Standards – What the heck do I use to make a Widget?
  • Hosting – Where do I put it?
  • Portability – Where can it go?
  • Configuration – Can the user muck around with it?
  • Distribution – Ok, how do I get people to use this bad-boy?
  • Authentication – Is this really my Widget talking to me?
  • Security – Duh.
  • Analytics – Where, oh where, did my little Widget go?
  • Prediction – Where, oh where, could my little Widget go?
  • Monetization – Make me some cash flow Widget – please?

Aggregators (MySpace, Blogger, Live, etc.)

  • Code Verification – Is this yet another fool trying to make a mess?
  • Monetization – I am hosting this site, do I get a piece?
  • Service Conflicts – What about MY widgets on MY social network?
  • Framwork Conflicts – How do I import 3rd party Widgets?

End Users (MySpace Kidz, WordPress Geeks, etc.)

  • Search – Where do I find those cool thingys to put on my site?
  • Discovery – I don’t even know what I am looking for, what’s cool?
  • Collection Management – I got lotsa Widgets, got any boxes?
  • Deployment – How do I put this Widget thingy on that Blog thinger?
  • Monetization – Can I get a piece of the action?

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