MyBlogLog Communities Unites Bloggers!

For those of you bloggers that have been living under a rock, check out MyBlogLog Communities – the social network for bloggers. Now before you get all huffy that there is yet another social network out there, hold your horses – this one is different. Why? MyBlogLog Communities has the potential to transform the blogosphere into a distributed social network.

Ever want to drop a comment to a fellow blogger about some random topic? Ever want to know the blogs your favorite bloggers get their dish from? Ever want your readers to know who else reads your blog? The answer is here – MyBlogLog.

MySpace requires you to host your profile, social network, and blog on their site. If you want to publish anything, you have to do it their way. Moreover, with all the hub-bub about security at MySpace, your ability to customize pages there has become exceedingly limited. On the flip-side, blogs enable tons of customization. Unfortunately, blogging platforms tend to lack good community features. Bloggers have been left to fend for themselves in the cold reaches of cyberspace…until now.

After signing up for a MyBlogLog account, you have access to JavaScript code snippets that enable you to track you blog’s usage. Not only does the service enable you to track your blog, but it also enables you to connect with fellow blog-geeks. This is where it gets interesting. MyBlogLog gives each blogger a “space” that shows blogs he/she authors, other communities they are following, and a place for folks to leave general comments. They also offer cool widgets to enhance your blog with social functionality. In short, MyBlogLog communities gives blog-geeks the cool community features offered by MySpace, without forcing them to give up their right to publish the way they want.

, Ed, Pete and many others have already started to actively use the service. I hope it continues to pick up – it is one of the few interesting social network plays out there. Best of luck Eric!

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p.s. Todd Sampson stole my avatar! JK 🙂

hoomanradfar Written by:

  • Hooman

    Todd is working to give me my Avatar back. Thank you. Sigh. 🙂

  • The Foo

    Hi there Hooman, nicely said on the article. I am new at the blogging and the “social networking” scene but have found mybloglog has a very friendly atmostphere with great other fellow bloggers.

  • Hooman

    Thanks! If you are interested in social networking and blogging, definitely stay tuned. We will have some fun discussions on Convergence soon. Also, I have a new blog that I will be launching soon centered on Widgets which will play a huge role in the personal publication space.

  • Daniel Sitter

    I enjoyed this post and your blog in general.

    Have only been a MyBlogLog member for less than a week has already revealed the value in this great resource! I recommend it highly.

    Best regards,