Traditional Media Moving Online

Unless you have been living in a hole for the past year, you have probably noticed that high-quality media content has been slowly, but surely, moving to a new home – the Web. Not only is more high-quality content being published online, but it is being received successfully. An example of a major media provider that has been championing online publication of content is Disney. According to a recent article from Reuters:

“Viewers have watched ABC television shows available online about 3 million times since the Walt Disney Co. network launched the free service just over two weeks ago, Disney’s chief executive said on Thursday.

The figure provides an early sign of demand for television programs available on the Internet as broadcasters experiment with new ways of reaching viewers.”

The moves being made by ABC and other large media companies are a big deal. Their resurgence of interest in the web not only indicates that will there be more high quality content available for consumption via networked devices (pc, cell phone, etc), but also that incumbent media companies are not about to let next generation media companies like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft take over without a fight. In the midst of this battle, there will be ample opportunities for new players to capitalize on the changing perspective surrounding content creation, distribution, and consumption. Investors open up your checkbooks – it is time to search (no pun intended) for the next Google.

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