Where, oh where, did my Nivi go?

Nivi is definitely one of the more interesting characters in the blogosphere. Once upon a time, you could find him on his blog, aptly titled Nivi, ranting about random topics ranging from technology to venture capital. Recently, however, our friend has vanished into the ether without a trace. The question that is on all of our minds is – where, oh where did our Nivi go? Here are 3 theories that I have come up with:

1. He has transformed into pure energy
2. He is on a covert mission to save the planet
3. Bessemer has got his hands full

If anyone has any theories/knowledge concerning his whereabouts, please let me know. In real life though, Nivi-jan, please come back – the blogosphere is not quite as fun without you. That is all fan-boys. Back to work for this web-slinger.

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    i need that image…