Jammin’ wit Marc Canter

Yesterday I had the unique pleasure of jamming out on a whiteboard with web-ninja Marc Canter. Thanks Miles and Phil.

It was a truly amazing experience to hash out ideas for the next net with one of the founding fathers of rich media software. As we have grown our company, I have had the opportunity to learn from a ton of really sharp folks. I have to say, however, it is always the most fun to chat with fellow web-slingers that not only are really passionate about making the web a better place, but are also actively working to make their dreams a reality.

In case you have been living in a hole for the last couple months, Marc is hard at work on a pretty nifty project – Structured Blogging. For those of you that missed it (shame on you), I blogged on this back in December. This project is yet another force driving the web away from the current unstructured mess that we have now (text + graphics = goo) and towards a more structured (machine understandable) representation of data (woo-hoo).

If you did not figure it out already, the more structured information that is available online, the easier it will be for developers to put together applications for users. The easier it is for developers to make applications, the more fun the web will become. Accordingly, one can logically conclude that Structured Blogging will undoubtedly contribute to an increased level of “fun-ness” on the web and – thus – must be supported. That is enough silliness for now. Back to serious issues…

Marc is also helping push some other stuff out that will contribute to the creation of a global SOA:

If you have not already, I encourage you to check these things out. In particular, to all you hackers out there, the last two links point to some fun web services that enable you to tie even more things together across the emerging “Structured Web.”

Ok kids – family time is over. Hooman go work now. Viva la Structured Revolution.

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